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NASH Studies Unit -NAFLD & NASH Info

  • Question:Blood tests
  • Answer:
    “Liver enzymes” (proteins in liver cells that are released into the blood when cells are damaged) are often found to be increased in NAFLD. The most commonly used enzyme tests are “ALT” and “AST”. The normal range is usually 10-40 units per liter for both of these.


    People with NAFLD and NASH can have ALT values in the normal range or they can be elevated up to 300-400 U/L. Values can fluctuate and changes may not mean that the liver is getting better or worse. Unfortunately, we don’t have a better blood test to detect and follow NAFLD and NASH.


    Insulin resistance can also be estimated with a fasting blood test in which the glucose and insulin levels are both measured. When the two results are multiplied (e.g. glucose of 90 mg/dL times insulin of 7 U/L equals 630), a value less than 700 is normal and a value over 2000 indicates insulin resistance. Values in between may indicate mild insulin resistance, the significance of which is uncertain.
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