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NASH Studies Unit -NAFLD & NASH Info

  • Question:What are the treatment options for NAFLD?
  • Answer:
    No treatment has been convincingly proven to be effective.


    Treating insulin resistance offers the best hope since this is the underlying problem in most people.


    The best treatment of insulin resistance is increased exercise and weight loss. If you had to choose one over the other, exercise alone appears to be better than weight loss alone. Medications can also be used to treat insulin resistance, but the role of these medications in the treatment of NAFLD is experimental.


    You should discuss exercise with your doctor before beginning any program of vigorous aerobic activity.


    Portion control is the key to weight reduction. Dietary programs that emphasize portion control (e.g., Weight Watchers) have had the most success. A low carbohydrate diet is probably a good idea, but eating unlimited fat (e.g. the Atkins Diet) seems unwise.


    People who exercise regularly and eat breakfast every day are most likely to keep weight off once they have lost it.
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