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The NASH Clinical Research Network Studies

About the NASH Clinical Research Network (NASH CRN)
In 2002, the NIH decided to study fatty liver disease and provided research funding to nine universities across the country. Saint Louis University is one of the sites. The other study sites are listed on the NASH CRN website.


About participating in clinical studies
Medical research is the organized collection of information in order to determine the causes and consequences of disease and whether treatments are effective. Without well-conducted research, we would have to rely on opinions and instincts, both of which can be very wrong. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports much of the medical research conducted in the United States.

Whether you participate in a clinical study is completely your choice. The benefits and risks to you will be fully explained before you are involved. This is a process called "informed consent." Be sure to ask lots of questions. If you choose not to be involved, nobody will be mad at you and your routine care will not be influenced. Many people feel good about contributing to medical knowledge that may help themselves or others.

Before participating in any study, we will describe it in detail to you and you will be asked to sign a consent form. You may take the consent form home before signing to think about it and discuss it with others.

For more information about participating in clinical trials, go to the Office for Human Research Protections ( OHRP), especially the section on “Public Outreach” where you can find a list of good questions to ask. Open OHRP brochure as a PDF (warning: large file).

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